What’s your big idea?

New York is a city of neighborhoods, and every building in those neighborhoods is a community unto itself. Our projects are purposely designed to amplify the character of their neighborhoods and provide exciting spaces to build strong communities… places where it’s easier to live full and exciting lives. That’s our big idea.

Who lives in your buildings?

New York is a great place to live when we are young and single. It’s a wonderful place to raise a family. And it’s a perfect place to retire. People in all of these situations live in our buildings. What we all have in common is that we like to live in interesting places where we can interact with our neighbors in positive ways.

How can I expect to be treated?

It seems odd to have to say this, but one of the things that really make us different is that we treat our residents like valued customers, as in “the customer comes first.” Our entire team is focused on you. We make it as simple as possible to get your lease signed, move in and start enjoying your life with us. We fix problems quickly and are always thinking about new ways to make our communities nicer places to live. We invite you to give us feedback and help make our buildings the best they can be.

Really, prove it?

We’ve streamlined our process, so we take care of the paperwork faster and easier than anyone in the city. (Our deposit pledge policy underscores the trust we place in you.) Our concierge service can take care of setting up your phone and cable, so you don’t have to wait around. Some of our buildings even have butler service. We can walk your dog, order groceries and put them away in your fridge, all kinds of things like that. These services vary from building to building, so just ask. Even better, tell us what would be most helpful to you and we’ll see if we can pull it off.

What’s up with the EOS thing?

The EOS clubs inside most of our communities are a suite of cool places to hang out, with a calendar of interesting things to do. That might be a yoga class in the fitness center, or water aerobics in the pool. We may bring a local chef in to cook brunch, or a film expert from BAM to curate an outdoor movie series. There are parties at the rooftop lounge for everybody and rooms to have your 16 best friends over for dinner. Each building has it’s own package, but you can visit the others if something there strikes your fancy. You have to join, but we think it’s worth it!

What’s up with the name?

Our founder, Bill Dickey, named the company after his dad, Dermot. Dermot was a hard-working Irish immigrant who busted his hump to build a better life for his family here in New York. A guy like that should have his name on buildings.

Why the focus on New York?

Because things are happening here. Because we live here, love the city and understand what it takes to make it here. Sinatra would say that we could make it anywhere, but not necessarily that we should.

Who’s in charge here?

We have three partners, all regular New York real estate guys. Steve Benjamin is the CEO, Andrew Levison is in charge of acquisitions and Drew Spitler runs development. If you want to speak to someone beyond the team on site, reach out to us anytime. We would love to hear from you.

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